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Not all Shave Ice is created equal!

Rainbow Shave Ice

Shave Ice Rainbow

Several things set our Shave Ice apart… but it all starts with our amazing ice blocks. We start with the best tasting, freshest water available. We know it is  because we produce it right here at Glendale Water ‘n Ice.  Using water from our multi-stage reverse osmosis system, we are able to create blocks of ice more pure than a 15 year old Justin Bieber! 🙂

And we never crush the ice! We use top of the line block shavers which produce finer, softer, and fluffier shavings. Our machines were selected because they are the best on the market at producing a fine, Hawaiian style Shave Ice. The resulting product absorbs the flavor into the flake and doesn’t pool at the bottom like your run-of-the-mill snow cone! You’ll be hard pressed to find anything better this side of Hawaii!

No high fructose corn syrups here…

Glendale Water ‘n Ice uses only the most natural tasting flavor concentrates, pure cane sugar, and our Reverse Osmosis water in all our syrups. Only the best for our customers! You won’t find saccharin or high fructose corn syrups here. We mix our flavors fresh and rotate them frequently to keep things fresh. The result is one of the best Hawaiian Shave Ices you’ll ever experience!


What can make the perfect Shave Ice even better? Make it even more authentic by adding you favorite Thrifty Ice Cream flavor in the bottom; a sweet, creamy surprise at the end of a great treat!  Or top it off with a Snow Cap, Caramel, or coconut flakes!  Wanna get a little crazy? Try adding Pop Rocks or Sour Spray! You’ll have a blast trying all the different combinations! Come in and get started today?

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