Better Water for a Better You!

The best water in the valley…

The best water in the valley? That’s a pretty big claim!

Well, to be perfectly honest we haven’t tried every water store in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area. But we know that here at Glendale Water ‘n Ice we have made a significant investment in acquiring and maintaining one of the best, custom made reverse osmosis water plants in the industry.¬† It’s rated to effectively purify almost 5,000 gallons per day.

What does that mean exactly? In short, water purified through a reverse osmosis plant such as ours will remove contaminants  such as chlorine, fluoride, trihalomethanes, pesticides, solvents, pathogens, bacteria, amoebas, and other harmful substances found in water. The muscle of the machine is the R.O. membrane. Our system has two industrial membranes made of polaymide thin film composites that have a rejection rate of 98% and effectively produce a pure, clean water under 10 parts per million. Many factors affect the performance of R.O. systems such as membrane type, flow control, temperature, and feed water pressure, but the one thing that really matters the most is maintenance.

Systems must be well maintained to ensure that membrane fouling does not take place — ruining the membrane and it’s ability to purify water. Our water plant is on a regular maintenance program that exceeds component manufacture’s recommendations and ensures that we produce the cleanest water for consumption.

Here are the steps we use to produce YOUR family’s water:

Step 1

Pre-filtration ion exchange removes particulate matter and heavy metals.

Step 2

Activated carbon removes chlorine, chloramines, solvents, lead, insecticides, gasses, and other harmful contaminants.

Step 3/4

Two 1 Micron sediment filers remove particles, sediment, algae and other solids.

Step 5

High pressure stainless steel R.O. pump to boost water pressure to 160+ lbs. for maximum membrane efficiency.

Step 6/7

Water is forced through two 2400 GPD Reverse osmosis semi-permeable .002 micron membranes allowing only pure water molecules to pass.

Step 8

Purified water is stored in a 600 gallon FDA approved tank.

Step 9/10

Repressurization pumps and pressure tanks assure constant water supply from storage tanks to post carbon filter and ultra-violet sterilizers.

Step 11

Ultra-violet sterilizers eliminate up to 99.9% of all bacteria.

Step 12

Post carbon filtration through a 4.5″ X 20″ “big blue” post carbon block polishes water for an exceptionally smooth taste.


This is where our Alkaline water starts…

After the water is very effectively purified we process the pure water through our secondary remineralization system that restores the water to the best natural Alkaline Antioxidant Water anywhere! Water the way Nature Intended it to be!

We’re pretty sure you’ll agree. Try some today!



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